Accounts Payable

Turn your accounting department into a profit-driven center with our AI-powered OCR data entry solution.

Accounts Payable is a vital part of any business. On a daily basis, businesses have to deal with thousands of bills, receipts, and invoices.

Manually entering these data can be time consuming and highly likely to cause errors.


Deep Cognition’s AI powered software solution, PaperEntry can easily extract data from documents and integrated it into any ERP/Accounting systems to keep track. This can help enter data more accurately and save time allowing the accounts team to focus on more revenue generating tasks.

Now you maintain strong connections with your stakeholders by paying vendors the correct amount on time.

Document Forwarding

Deep Cognition’s OCR software is built to increase accuracy and efficiency while simultaneously reducing cost. Our OCR software is significantly more accurate due to its advanced AI-powered algorithms.

Data Extraction

Our AI-based OCR software extracts all of your structured information directly from your documents

Human Validation

Then the information passes through our (optional) human validation to ensure you receive 100% document accuracy.

ERP Integration

Once processed, your information will appear directly in your ERP system.


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