AI AppStore for Business AI Applications

AI AppStore for Business AI Applications
AI AppStore for Business AI Applications 2019-02-04T04:37:29+00:00


AI AppStore is a marketplace that brings best AI applications to businesses without hassle. We work with best AI developers to bring you these applications.

Our approach to AI AppStore is very simple. We would like to bring the benefits of AI to all businesses without having them to hire expensive engineering teams or needing to do large custom development effort.

Each of our App:

  1. solves an end business use-case.
  2. are end user installable and usable through intuitive GUI (No IT  team needed).
  3. provides customers with ability to train AI with their own data.
  4. provides advance business users/companies ability to integrate AI function to their existing systems using API/Plugins

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Featured Applications:

Invoice Robot

Invoice Robot uses artificial intelligence to scan invoices, identify all the data fields, and automatically input them into your accounting software.  It is perfect for accountants, bookkeepers, corporate accounting departments, and small businesses or partnerships, and allows them to completely eliminate data entry tasks related to invoices.
With Invoice Robot, the invoice logging process can be performed up to 45 times faster, saving businesses thousands of dollars in staff time and other related costs.  You can install invoice robot free of cost by installing from AIAppStore download link mentioned above.

Download AI AppStore Now  (Windows 10)


Deep Cognition’s Announcements

Deep Cognition will be releasing Falcon TensorApp Server and TensorApp MarketPlace in Q4 2018.



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