In today’s world, competition is greater than ever, and businesses are on the constant lookout for a competitive edge over their rivals. The main thing these companies are looking for is anything to save them time, effort, or resources that can instead be spent on bettering their firm. Deep Learning Studio does just that, allowing you to build deep learning models without coding. And the best part? It’s free to use. 

At its simplest, DLS is a deep learning platform that allows you to create and deploy AI models. Its easy-to-use drag and drop interface contains tools to design custom neutral networks by dragging, dropping, and connecting layers and assists you in creating models with ease. Pre-trained models, along with built-in assistive features simplify and expedite the model development process, saving up to 95% in development and building time. Additionally, DLS cuts down average training time by 92% with a built-in model training dashboard that plots progress and displays info such as training ETA and memory consumption.

Effortless to install, Deep Learning Studio is available to be downloaded into your desktop, or launched into the cloud. Using Windows or Ubuntu, the desktop version runs on your local machine and utilizes its GPUs for training. If you run DLS in a cloud (AWS / Azure), the cloud account allows you to rent on-demand, high powered GPUs to train the model. Then, you can publish your model with a single click as a Rest API or WebAPP on your personal server, or a Deep Cognition server.

With almost 30,000 global users, our award-winning platform is reliable and proven to succeed. It also includes a community page that allows users to communicate with other DLS users about their experiences with the platform, any questions, or concerns they might have. One of the most common responses we have gotten from our users is the convenience and simplicity of the program. Plus, with its code-free makeup, even inexperienced users can navigate through DLS without any trouble, making it friendly for enterprises and individuals alike.

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