Brand Guideline Management

Keep Your Brand Cohesive Across the Board

Keeping a cohesive brand for all deliverables can be a difficult task in large businesses. Brand.AI keeps the job simple and fast. Brand.AI is trained on your brand guidelines and identifies anomalies in documents. 

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Make Brand Compliance Simple

Brand guidelines can be long and involved. Brand.AI keeps brand compliance simple by checking used assets against a library of approved logos, typefaces, images, etc. If assets used are not brand-compliant, Brand.AI gives an automatic recommendation.

Document Segmentation

Brand.AI segments the document into areas such as logos, images, graphics, text, icons, etc.

Logo Confirmation

The background is removed from all logos and placement and alignment is verified against brand guidelines.

Photo Validation

The AI checks to confirm the photo used is approved and not cropped or color corrected.

Logo Editing

If the provided logo does not match approved logos, the top three recommended replacements are given.

Icon Validation

The icons are compared to the approved library for licensing.

Typeface Validation

Brand.AI identifies all typefaces and fonts within a document and validates it is compliant to guidelines.

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Brand.AI is the best way to manage brand presence. Our software can check many types of documents, including:

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