The most successful companies have cohesive branding in every aspect of their business.

Stay on Brand With Brand.AI

Brand guidelines are complicated. With all the rules and assets to keep track of, keeping a consistent brand can be tough. Brand.AI makes it easy by checking used assets against a library of approved logos, typefaces, images, etc. If assets used are not brand compliant, Brand.AI gives an automatic recommendation, ensuring you have a consistent look across all your segments.

Document Segmentation

In order to accurately identify any brand guideline discrepancies, the first step of the Brand.AI process is for your document to go through our document segmentation AI. This AI accurately divides and identifies each asset used in a document such as logos, images, and icons.

Document Segmentation
Icon Validation

Logo, Icon, and Photo Validator

Branding is considered to be the silent ambassador for a company. Branding must stay consistent for recognition. Step one of the validation process is the classifying stage. Logos are checked for usage approval. Step two checks for brand compliance. For example, using the white version of a logo on a dark background. If the logo used does not match the approved logos, Brand.AI will generate the top 3 most compliant recommendations. Icons and photos go through the same process.

Color Validation

Color is checked against a library of approved colors and the rules in which they are to be used. For this, it is run through a color checking algorithm. The algorithm has a configurable color tolerance that can be adjusted to a customized chosen variance. If there are any discrepancies, the AI will provide a recommendation of an approved color(s). 

Color Validator
Type Validator

Typography Validator

The final step of the Brand.AI process is validating type usage. The AI identifies all text in the document and checks it against the approved library. It then checks against usage rules. If a header font is used in the body text, for example, it will create an alert and generate a recommendation to correct it.

AI Powered Brand Management

Brand.AI is the best way to manage brand presence. Our software can check many types of documents, including:

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