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Deep Cognition has released its newest AI module: Brand.AI. Brand.AI is the first AI powered brand management software. Keeping a cohesive brand presence within a company can be difficult, especially with multiple people creating branded documents every day. Brand guidelines can get confusing and making sure documents are brand compliant can be time consuming. Brand.AI checks for brand compliance for you, shortening time spent and saving money. 

Brand.AI begins the process by dividing the document into sections using a Deep Cognition developed identifier and labeler system. Each divided section is identified and labeled. Sections are divided based on what they contain. Icons, images, text, and logos are all separated. With each section segmented, the AI can quickly and effectively go through and identify where the brand guidelines are not followed.

Brand.AI maintains a database of approved images, icons, logos, fonts, and colors. This keeps all assets in one place, making brand management a one-step operation for users. Logos are checked to make sure the correct version is being used. If not, Brand.AI automatically makes a top three recommendations of logos that do follow brand guidelines. If the logo is correct, the logo is checked to make sure the background of the image is transparent and the logo is not warped or cropped in any way.

Photos and icons go through the same process. Photos and icons are screened against a library of approved images and icons. If photos and icons are not cropped, warped, are one of the pre-approved files, and are a high resolution, they are approved. Brand.AI also checks for licensing status. If the license has expired, the image or icon cannot be used and Brand.AI presents 3 alternatives. 

Colors and fonts are checked against the library, as well. If a color is not correct or is used incorrectly, the AI will give three color recommendations. Color tolerance can be adjusted, giving you as much control over colors as you need. Fonts are checked for usage. If a header font is used for a subhead, the AI will alert the user and give recommended fonts.

Branding is the silent ambassador of a company. Keeping brands and messaging consistent across the board is very important, since it gives customers a solid understanding of the brand and company values. By taking out the guessing and all the rules to keep track of, Brand.AI makes brand management less time consuming and more affordable. 

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