Data Entry Automation

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Manual data entry can hold you back. Automating your data entry process saves time and money. PaperEntry.AI gives you immediate access to your data straight from your TMS or ERP system. PaperEntry.AI is 99.9% accurate and cuts costs by up to 90%.

PaperEntry.AI Interface

Data Entry has never been better.

The PaperEntry.AI Process

Process Timeline
Going automatic has never been easier. Our 4-step system means you have on demand access to data on your TMS or ERP system. Our AI has a multi-step extraction process: the server/dashboard where data is first extracted, the human validator where data is checked, the labeler, which allows the AI to identify different parts of the document, and our AI trainer, which is constantly improving our AI, giving you the most accurate data possible. Finally, data is forwarded directly into your TMS or ERP systems.

Live Demo

See PaperEntry.AI in action with CEO Mandeep Kumar and Marketing Director Kate Curtin.

Table Extraction

PaperEntry.AI isn’t like other data extraction softwares. It’s better. Aside from key pairs (A), Our AI recognizes tables (B) and is able to extract the embedded data directly from it. 

Once extracted, data is organized into a standardized format for entry into a TMS or ERP system. Table C is the initial extraction while Table D has been put in a standard format the integration software will be able to understand.

Our extraction service is fully customizable (E), from the data that is extracted to the type of document to extract from, allowing you to extract the data your company needs.