Our platform is now available for everyone without any subscription cost. We have recently made Deep Learning Studio free for everyone and with single account you can access both cloud as well as desktop software. We are also giving away 2 Hours of Free GPU compute time for new users and desktop users can use their local GPUs for free.

Deep Learning Studio is a deep learning platform for creating and deploying AI. The simple drag & drop interface helps you design deep learning models with ease. Pre-trained models as well as use built-in assistive features simplify and accelerate the model development process. You can import model code and edit the model with the visual interface. The platform automatically saves each model version as you iterate and tune hyper-parameters to improve performance. You can compare performance across versions to find your optimal design. We support transparent multi GPU training to speed up the training time.

Deep Learning Studio is available in both cloud and desktop version. With cloud account, you have an option to rent on-demand high powered GPUs to train the model. You will be able to soon publish your model as REST API on your server or Deep Cognition’s server. Desktop version runs on your local machine and utilizes machine’s GPUs for training. Both versions come with full featured drag and drop editor

Deploy your Model as Web or REST API

AutoML: Our first version of AutoML will design an initial deep learning model on your dataset. This model may need further tuning to improve performance. Company is currently working on next version of AutoML which will explore multiple architectures & hyper-parameters to generate an optimized deep learning model for you
Deep Cognition is offering the tool at no subscription cost and creating a community of developers. Also, we will be offering pre-configured deep Learning environments for TensorFlow, MXNET and Keras for the developers who prefer coding over visual modeling.

Available Free – pre-configured deep learning environments

Create your free account today. We have one of the fastest growing deep learning developer community. We would love to see you here!
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