Deep Learning Studio Desktop

Deep Learning Studio – Desktop is a single-user solution that runs locally on your hardware.  The desktop version allows you to train models on your GPU(s) without uploading data to the cloud.   The platform supports transparent multi-GPU training for up to 4 GPUs.  Additional GPUs are supported in Deep Learning Studio – Enterprise.

Deep Learning Studio – Desktop includes key features such as a full-featured GUI model editor, a graphical training dashboard,  and unlimited training hours through your GPUs. The desktop also includes access to free training webinars and enhanced support via phone, email, and Slack.


  • OS --
    • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 or later,
    • Windows 10 64-bit (all editions)
  • CPU -- Intel/AMD 64 bit CPU
  • RAM -- 8GB or more recommended
  • GPU -- NVIDIA GPU/s with compute capability > 3.5 (see )
* Internet connection is required to install deep learning studio.