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Manual data entry can hold you back. Automating your data entry process saves time and money. PaperEntry.AI gives you immediate access to your data straight from your TMS or ERP system. PaperEntry.AI is 99.9% accurate and cuts costs by up to 90%.

The Fastest ROI

We are currently the lead provider in commerical invoice data extraction with table passing abilities. Deep Cognition also delivers the fastest ROI in the industry. Our PaperEntry solution is fully functional within a few weeks and customers can see the results immediately.

Not only do we train our AI on your specific documents but also on thousands of generic documents to give you the highest rate of accuracy.

Data Extraction Process

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PaperEntry’s AI technology has the capability to retrain and adapt to any document. The AI increases to 99.9% accuracy after retraining.

Without template or complex set up, PaperEntry is quick to integrate and set up.

PaperEntry can save time and resources use the ROI calculator below to find out how much you can save.

Available to be deployed via cloud or on-premises, your private documents are safe and secure.

Extract structured information from commercial invoices and directly integrate to your TMS or ERP. Seamlessly transition from manual to automated data entry with AI powered technology.

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