Load Tender Data Entry

Automated Data Entry

Automate your data entry for load tenders and rate confirmations directly into your TMS. 

Automated Data Entry for Carriers

Automate your data entry process for load tender documents. Capture import load information directly from the document so your trucks can be sent out faster, shipments can arrive sooner,  and your company can grow quicker. Automating saves time and money by minimizing mistakes made in the data entry process.

Rate Confirmation Automation

Our AI utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning technology. It learns as it extracts. With every document processed, our AI becomes more sophisticated and capable. Utilizing AI reduces time needed to process data while also avoiding common mistakes that accompany the manual data entry process.

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The Process

There are multiple ways to upload your data to PaperEntry.AI. PaperEntry can utilize a custom designed email listener that directly downloads and extracts data from any document received. Documents can also be manually uploaded into a shared drive, giving customers exact control over which documents are utilized. Documents can also be sent to PaperEntry via API.

Our AI can accurately extract data from all documents, including data in embedded tables such as products or HS codes. The extraction process is made up of four levels where data is put through multiple tables to normalize and format it to the customer’s specifications. PaperEntry.AI does not utilize templates within this step, which allows for a greater range of usable documents. Regardless of what format the document is in, PaperEntry can identify and extract all needed information. Extracted data is fully customizable, giving the customer complete control over what data is actually extracted.

Extracted data is checked for accuracy and corrected if needed. Deep Cognition offers either the work of their own validator team or gives the option of the company to do it themselves. After data is validated, and mistakes made by the AI are highlighted and given to our AI re-trainer, which ensures the same mistake will not be repeated in the future. With the re-trainer in place, PaperEntry.AI is constantly evolving and improving.

Integration is quick and easy with Deep Cognition. Our unique software solution has the ability to integrate with any cloud based TMS. 

Benefits of Automating Rate Confirmations

99.9% Accurate

Accuracy is easily achieved with our smart OCR software, we guarantee accuracy with our supervised validation.


90% or More Cost Savings

Reduce the amount of time and resources spent on manual data entry by switching to an AI-based automated data entry software solution.


Received in Minutes

From the time you forward your pdfs, to the time the extracted data is inputted into your TMS is within minutes.


Easy Setup

No complex setup. Our software is up and running within a matter of days, not weeks! The fastest ROI on the market.

10x Faster Than Manual Data Entry

No set up fees

No more data entry back log

Customizable to your business operations

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