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New Shipment Creation

Automate all types of documents in new shipments creations in one place to make life easier

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Shipment creation is a vital part of the process. Customers or Freight Forwarders send shipping details for a new shipment through emails.

Large amounts of data are sent through when a new shipment is created that will be entered manually. Entering this data manually can be highly error-prone causing delays and extra costs.


There are 3 ways in which shipping information is collected:

  • All information to be mentioned in the email text
  • Sent as an email attachment BOL document which could be downloaded
  • Sending a shipping instruction document including all the information

PaperEntry can make your life easier by extracting information from all the above methods to automatically create the shipment. 

Document Forwarding

Deep Cognition’s OCR software is built to increase accuracy and efficiency while simultaneously reducing cost.

Data Extraction

Our AI-based OCR software extracts all of your structured information directly from your documents.

Human Validation

Then the information passes through our (optional) human validation to ensure you receive 100% document accuracy.

ERP Integration

Once processed, your information will appear directly in your TMS system giving access to you and your team whenever needed.

PaperEntry Process Flow

PaperEntry vs Other AI Software Solutions


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