Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Deep Cognition offers the premier solution for operators and service companies by eliminating manual data entry.

The Leading AI-Powered OCR Data Entry Solution

A dedicated OCR-powered data extraction software. Our solution allows companies to reduce data entry costs by up to 90% and drastically reduce the data entry backlog. 

Reduce human error and increase efficiency by automating your data entry process with PaperEntry AI.

Direct Integration

Integrate directly with your ERP or Open API to sync the extracted information.


Reduce Overhead

Reduce the amount of time and resources spent on manual data entry by switching to an AI-based automated data entry software solution.


Deep Learning Technology

No need for templates or rules to follow. Our state-of-the-art AI and OCR recognizes data through trained algorithms.


Automated Extraction

Simply forward all your documents directly to Deep Cognition and the documents will be automatically processed and keyed in to your ERP system.


Compatible Documents

90% Reduction in Data Entry Cost
Line Item Extraction
99.9% Accurate
On Prem/Cloud Deployment
Fast Deployment
Direct Integration to TMS or ERP

10x Faster Than Manual Data Entry

Create cross functional easy communication

No more data entry back log

Customizable to your business operations

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