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Deep Learning Studio 3.0

Fully featured Deep Cognition Platform is free to use and it can run on your machine or cloud. Create single sign on to get both Cloud & Desktop and install DLS using any of the options below:

Desktop Download
Amazon AWS AMI
Azure Machine Image
Google Machine Image


Deep Learning Studio is a free tool for AI developers to build, train and deploy their deep learning models. It is available as cloud and can run on your desktop machine

Yes, we are working hard to make these options available with DLS version 3.0. In the meantime we suggest that you use one of the cloud images to run DLS in the cloud.

Yes we have an enterprise version that can run completely offline. Please contact us at for more information.

Deep Learning Studio 2.x version is no longer supported. But if you still like to install it, please use this link for cloud and this link for Nvidia NGC image.

Deep Cognition’s Announcements

Deep Learning Studio 3.0 Now Live!
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