Automate your date process with PaperEntry’s state of the art technology

PaperEntry Splitter

Takes a multipage document and splits it into separate documents based on logical page boundaries. (Example: a pdf file containing both invoice and packing list can be split into two pdf files, one for the invoice and one for the packing list)

PaperEntry Capture

The AI recognizes and understands how the information is organized in a document, which is then read and sent to downstream software (usually a connector to TMS/ERP). It was created to deal with a variety of documents. The technology allows for the extraction or relevant data from emails and shared folders and then be integrated using APIs.

PaperEntry OCR

PaperEntry’s propriety OCR technology uses state of the art algorithms that can detect and recognize:

  • Handwritten text
  • Printed text
  • Machine fonts (Eg: MICR fonts used in checks)

Our technology allows privacy sensitive applications to be viewed offline.

PaperEntry PageCropper

Multiple images on a single document can be cropped into separate images. (Eg: If there are 5 check images on a single image, they can be cropped out as 5 different check images)