Training Courses

Build Neural Networks In Seconds using Deep Learning Studio

Develop Keras / TensorFlow Deep Learning Models Using A GUI And Without Knowing Python Or Machine Learning

Training Course

Join Michael Kroeker as he breaks down how to run and create models in Deep Learning Studio. Develop Keras/TensorFlow Deep Learning Models using GUI and without having to use Python or creating your own Machine Learning algorithms.

What you’ll learn

  • How To Build Deep Neural Networks In Seconds Using Deep Learning Studio.
  • How To Understand Neural Networks Without Math Formulas.
  • How To Deploy Machine Learning Models Built Using Deep Learning Studio.
  • Understand Dropout Without Heavy Math Or Complicated Technical Explanations.
  • Learn Practical Information On Developing Artificial Neural Networks, Data Collection, And Creating Robust Models.
  • Rapidly Build And Visualise Neural Networks Without Programming Skills.
  • How To Build Neural Networks Without Programming.
  • Understand Normalization Without Heavy Math Or Complicated Technical Explanations.
  • How To Download Neural Network Models Built In Deep Learning Studio As Python / Keras / TensorFlow Script.

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