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We are the premier provider for automated data entry in logistics.

The Fastest ROI

PaperEntry.AI is the lead provider for data extraction in the logistics industry. Our software can extract data from embedded tables and can process a wide variety of document types. It does not rely on templates, meaning data extraction from unlimited variations of layouts. your specific documents but also on thousands of generic documents to give you the highest rate of accuracy.

We deliver the fastest ROI in the industry through increased accuracy, quick integration, and instant access to data.

Multiple Document
Types Supported

PaperEntry.AI supports multiple types of documents, eliminating the need for all manual data entry within your logistics and supply chain company.

PaperEntry.AI Interface
Compatible Documents
Template Free

Our system works without relying on standardized templates. No matter what format your document is in, our system can easily and accurately extract all necessary data.

Process Line Items and Tables

Extract embedded data from documents and integrate it directly to TMS or ERP. Our software extracts the data and restructures it to be delivered to management systems without delay.

3 Documents

Everything You Need in One Place

With no need for templates and an unlimited variety of documents to extract from, PaperEntry.AI can extract data from all your important shipping documents. Our system integrates directly into your ERP or TMS, giving you quick access to all your extracted data in one easy to access place.

Increased Accuracy

PaperEntry.AI is hyper-accurate. It makes fewer mistakes and extracts data 10x faster than the average human worker. Fewer mistakes means less money lost in overall business operation costs.

Correctly Extracted Data

Quick Integration

Changing the way your business operates can be time consuming and challenging. PaperEntry.AI is fully integrated into your system in a matter of days, making automation easier than ever.  

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