Supply Chain and Logistics

The  premier provider for commercial invoice data entry.

The Fastest ROI

We are currently the lead provider in commerical invoice data extraction with table passing abilities. Deep Cognition also delivers the fastest ROI in the industry. Our PaperEntry solution is fully functional within a few weeks and customers can see the results immediately.

Not only do we train our AI on your specific documents but also on thousands of generic documents to give you the highest rate of accuracy.


99.9% Accuracy


1 Week Deployment


90% Cost Reduction

Process Line Items and Tables

Extract structured information from commercial invoices and directly integrate it into your TMS or ERP. Seamlessly transition from manual to automated data entry with AI-powered technology.

Compatible Documents

Commercial Invoices

Bill of Ladings

AP Invoices

Arrival Notices

Delivery Orders

Packing List

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