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Few industries are more data-dependent than the warehousing industry. The ability to enter and extract data accurately and efficiently can make or break a warehousing industry.

Warehouse staff has to deal with a large number of documents containing data that must be processed and entered on a daily basis. This error-prone and labor-intensive procedure can be automated.

Automating your data entry will not only help facilitate building fast analytical solutions and respond quickly to change but will also help reduce cost, enter data more accurately, manage inventory and warehouse system more efficiently. PaperEntry will help you just do that.

Using PaperEntry will help utilize your resources better as it will do the mundane tasks for you allowing you to allocate your employees to tasks that need more of their attention.

Deep Cognition’s OCR software will help extract data faster and significantly more accurately due to its advanced AI-powered algorithms while saving time and recusing costs.

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