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Introduction to Deep Learning

In this webinar Favio Vázquez explores the breakthroughs of Deep Learning and Representation Learning, how and from where did we get here with Deep Learning and finally how to get things done with Deep Learning frameworks and packages, from simple Neural Networks to Reinforcement Learning. Also there is an introduction to the Deep Cognition platform to create Deep Learning workflows and Algorithms.

Distributed Deep Learning and Transfer learning with Spark, Keras and DLS

In this webinar Eric explained Transfer Learning with Deep Learning Studio using Keras pre-trained models (one or two). The outline:

– Principle of Transfer Learning

– Basic Transfer learning on a ImageNet subsample with 3 class

– Fine tuning Transfer Learning

– Benefits of Transfer Learning

Then Favio with some simple worked examples in the Deep Learning Studio by Deep Cognition Favio described Deep Learning Pipelines. An open source library created by Databricks that provides high-level APIs for scalable deep learning in Python with Apache Spark, TensorFlow and Keras

Face Alignment & 3D Face Reconstruction using Deep Cognition Platform

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