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Take your BPO or SSC business to the next level of efficiency by adding AI to your operations.

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BPO & SSC companies thrive on efficient operations. Every minute saved could improve ROI in this business model. A data automation tool could help save hundreds of hours per month which could be dedicated towards revenue-generating tasks. PaperEntry is the perfect tool for this.

Document Management is a large segment in the BPO and SSC sectors that is a process of a highly significant transformative shift as large and reputed organizations outsource their document process. This new pattern of outsourcing business management has resulted in these service providers shifting gears and expanding from more conventional models to be inclusive of business verticals.

Challenges faced in BPO/SSC

Large labor force needed for manual data entry

Insufficient adaptation of technology

Increase in competition

Excessive costs for labor

High-speed and high-volume document scanners are few of the examples needed to create an integrated range of technologies for BPO and SSC companies. These document management service providers would have to move from basic essentials such as scanning documents and printing to advanced document capture, data recognition and workflow management software in addition to the aforementioned.

Impact on BPO Services by AI:


  • Reduce labor costs
  • Processing rate
  • Scalability
  • Accuracy
  • Carbon footprint

Deep Cognition’s OCR Software is built to increase accuracy and efficiency while simultaneously reducing cost. Our OCR software is significantly more accurate due to its advanced AI-powered algorithms.

Our AI will help complete mundane tasks, allowing your employees to do the tasks they’re best at, which will increase your overall BPO or SSC work output and help your business grow.

PaperEntry Process Flow

PaperEntry vs Other AI Software Solutions


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