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SuperCargo Case Study

SuperCargo founded in Patras 1996, has managed lorry transportation throughout the Adriatic. They offer a range of services: booking ferries and ships, customs formalities, special passes, and escort vehicles. Their services have expanded from the Adriatic to Mediterranean, Western and Northern Europe.

They currently have 12 active vendors for whom they process approximately 225-250 invoices per day which is 80k-90k per year. One of the main challenges that they faced was automating the data entry process, which was creating operational inefficiencies.


This is where PaperEntry has stepped in to ease the process and make life easier for employees at SuperCargo. SuperCargo started using the PaperEntry data automation solution for trip confirmations of vehicles, trailers and drivers. Our automation system has helped SuperCargo identify more than 99% of the trips successfully.

Initially, when SuperCargo started with PaperEntry they had an automation process of 60% but now they are at 100% automation for matching trips!

Deep Cognition is committed to improving the PaperEntry solution further to provide the best AI-powered data automation service in the market.


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