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Automate Your Data Entry Process With PaperEntry

If your company is still performing manual data entry in 2023, you’re losing out to your competitors. Automating your data entry process will help you save time and money while drastically increasing accuracy.

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PaperEntry Data Flow

PaperEntry’s user-friendly interface, custom-developed labeler, validation software, and integration allows data extraction from any type of document. Please refer to the steps below on the overall data flow within PaperEntry.

Automated Data Entry Has
Never Been Easier

99%+ Accurate

90% Time Reduction

Quick Integration

No Templates

On Prem or Cloud Deployment

Multilingual Line and Table Extraction


Customs Entry

New Shipments

Accounts Payable

Data Entry


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Why Deep Cognition?

Deep Cognition is trusted by large, renowned companies like Utilize and SFL. Our solutions have been deployed in businesses all around the world.

“PaperEntry’s AI and OCR solution was the best that we tested, and was very easy to use. We were highly impressed by the level of personal support that was offered.”

Danie MeiringHead of IT

“PaperEntry helped us automate the operations which required a lot of time and human resources.
This gave us the opportunity to utilize our resources more effectively, reduce functional costs, enhance our internal processes and focus on developing our business.”

Spiros GennatasShareholder of Super Cargo

“Our vision is to deliver b2b high-end solutions that positively impact the companies’ procedures. PaperEntry suits our portfolio products, and Deep Cognition brings critical expertise and knowledge on the Artificial Intelligence Domain.”

Dimitris BlerisCEO, Utilize