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As a business leader, every day new challenges are faced. Whether it’s managing resources, budgeting costs, or seeking new investors, there will always be tasks a leader just doesn’t have time for. Especially, if it’s as mundane as data entry. So most companies choose to outsource. One could spend resources on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but there is a higher more cost-effective, and accurate option that almost any success-driven businesses can benefit from; Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Data Entry – whether it’s accounting, processing commercial invoices, or any other billing processes. Sure one could outsource their company’s information to places like India, Singapore, Ukraine, or any other country OR, you can save thousands of dollars by utilizing Data Automation powered by artificial intelligence. A company that specializes in this is Deep Cognition, Inc. They created a solution called PaperEntry AI. 

In a way, outsourcing data entry is similar to PaperEntry AI (data automation). Both keep a business owner from hiring any more full time employees and both keep their labor costs down. Though for BPO, that’s where the benefits stop, one doesn’t gain any more than that. In fact, you lose a little bit too. 

For example, the absence of control. Who’s managing them? Who’s leading them to success and making sure the job is done correctly? One doesn’t have much control of the operation when you’re across the globe. Which introduces another heavy factor, loss of communication. Communication is key to not just company success but any and every relationship, romantic or professional. Also, depending on who you’re outsourcing to, your time zones may not match up, making it more difficult to manage. 

When there is a lack of control and communication, what follows is a lack of quality work. Quality is king! No business owner, leader, CEO (etc.) would ever (or should ever) want to sacrifice quality. One just can’t manage the value of work being done when you’re not there to assure it’s being done correctly. This is when artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. Specifically PaperEntry AI by Deep Cognition.

AI refers to the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. Such as decision-making, speech recognition, or even data entry. PaperEntry AI looks at data like a human. The big difference is that the AI doesn’t ever stop working, never takes a break, doesn’t leave for holidays, it never rests.

Although one doesn’t have “control” over how the AI works, you do have a say on whether it’s correct or not when entering the data. PaperEntry AI is 99.9% accurate, though, Deep Cognition features a validation software within the software/solution itself in case one wants to double check the work. Therefore giving you control over the quality of the task at hand while eliminating any communication errors.

While BPO can save you money, it doesn’t match the 90% cost reduction that Deep Cognition guarantees. Not to mention, utilizing artificial intelligence is a significant power move for any company whose goal is to be ahead of the curve. Deep Cognition’s PaperEntry AI can do that for any and all businesses dealing with data entry. To get more specific on how they operate, go ahead and visit their website and request a DEMO to see how your company can benefit.

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