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Deep Cognition and Utilize announced they have entered a strategic partnership to streamline integration of Deep Cognition’s PaperEntry and Utilize’s consulting expertise for release in the European market.

With technology playing an integral role in every aspect of business, companies are beginning to recognize the need to accelerate productivity and investment in digital solutions to ensure they remain competitive. The Deep Cognition and Utilize partnership brings together AI powered business solutions, information technology services, and opportunities for clients to successfully transform their business. 

PaperEntry is an AI powered business solution developed by Deep Cognition to assist businesses in the transition from manual to automated data entry, it is able to comprehend both English and Greek typed and written documents. Since partnering, PaperEntry has received positive responses within the Utilize network.“PaperEntry AI has found an immediate response from the Grecian market, with interest coming from a range of company sizes, large and small, to a wide variety of business domains,” says Dimitris Bleris, Utilize’s Managing Director 

About Utilize

Utilize was founded in 2016 to provide Information Technology & Services to the private and public sectors. The company’s goal is to provide reliable software based on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. The company also offers project management services. Their team is composed of market executives with decades of experience in information technology and project management.

About Deep Cognition

Deep Cognition was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2017 with the goal to provide developers, engineers, and researchers with an easy to use AI development and deployment platform. Since the release of PaperEntry AI and custom business solutions in 2019, the company has seen exponential growth of users, partners, and clients. Deep Cognition continually strives to become the platform of choice for all businesses, developers, and users for on Edge AI technology. 

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