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How much time does it take to implement PaperEntry?

2 weeks initially, but depends on the TMS software being used.

Can PaperEntry be implemented on-premises?

PaperEntry can work on-prem or on cloud.

What type of languages are supported on the input document?

PapeEntry is multi-lingual and it supports all major languages including all European languages.

What types of documents does PaperEntry support?

PaperEntry supports commercial invoices and packing lists for customs entry process automation. PaperEntry supports AP invoices for Accounts Payable automation. It is also possible to consider PaperEntry for other kinds of documents including arrival notices, bill of lading, rate confirmation, etc.

What are the security measures built into PaperEntry to ensure data protection and security?

PaperEntry uses state-of-the-art encryption for data at rest and in motion. PaperEntry servers use state-of-the-art firewalls to protect against cyber attacks.

How can I integrate PaperEntry into my ERP, TMS, or Document Management System?

PaperEntry provides easy to use API that can be easily used by any middleware software to integrate with other softwares.

How long does it take for the response team to respond?

We have a dedicated team available 24 hours that will respond in 10 minutes.

It is possible to identify potential errors that call for user involvement?

Yes, many checks are available to identify potential errors—for example, line total computation, goods code validation, part number validation, etc.

How frequently does the user need to wait for processing or file transfer?

PaperEntry uses multiple servers to reduce the waiting time to a few minutes even with a large number of pages.


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