Automated Shipment Creation

Automated creation of new shipment from BoL, Shipping instructions.

Automated Creation of Customs Entry

Create customs entry form from commercial invoices and packing lists.

CargoDoc solution is designed to work with CargoWise and is targeted for freight forwarders. CargDoc supports the use cases below, and more. To learn more about CargoDoc, click over here.


Efficient Invoice processing

Replace slow, error-prone manual data entry with PaperEntry’s automatic data extraction with high level of accuracy.



Validation has never been easier. PaperEntry allows users to validate results.


Integrations are available through:


CargoDoc’s built-in connectors for CargoWise


Integrations are also available via native RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for quick on-boarding of CargoDoc.

An AI-based document data capture platform that allows businesses to automate data entry processes

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