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The AI automated data-entry solution of 2020.

One good thing that came out of this year.

PaperEntry is the brainchild of the Deep Cognition team, created in response to a familiar obstacle blocking the road to efficiency within a business; manual data-entry.  The term data-entry makes just about anyone cringe.  It is commonly known as the tedious, mind-numbing process of a person entering data into a computer. 

It sounds like a simple enough job- unless you have to do it every day.  

The sheer amount of data to be manually entered in itself is terrifying- combine that with an infinite possibility of variations in document styles and types of Management Information Software businesses utilize-

and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the Paper mountain, at the mercy

of the Excel Deities and the quality of your coffee. 

In the previous post, we explained in the simplest of terms what artificial intelligence and deep learning are.  To recap, deep learning is a subset of machine learning, where algorithms inspired by the human brain learn from sizable amounts of data.  In the same way that we as humans learn from experience, the deep learning AI performs tasks repeatedly, tweaking performance in small increments to refine end results.  

The idea of eliminating the data-entry element from your job description is no longer a daydream.  Sound too good to be true?  Let’s take a look at how AI-powered automated data-entry is now a reality.  

 The user of PaperEntry (former data-entry specialist) simply transfers documents electronically to a PaperEntry provided secure API or their own on-premise server.

Template set up? Software installation?

Thing of the past– our data extraction works with any type of document, no setup necessary. 

PaperEntry AI technology automatically intercepts the documents,

extracts the essential data and electronically enters it into your company’s ERP. 

Now that you understand how PaperEntry operates, you can implement it (request a free demo here – no, I’m clearly not in sales),

and focus on being more efficient in the aspects of your job that only you can do- which is why you got hired in the first place!    

Coming up next- How much time and money does PaperEntry salvage, and what can you do with that extra time?

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