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Build Train and Deploy Models in Minutes without Coding
Flexible Drag and Drop Model Design
DL Designer with Automatic Tensor Size Calculations
Wide Variety of Data Types Supported
Model Training Dashboard
Pretrained Models - NASNet, DenseNet, MobileNet etc
Automatic Model Version Control and Model Diff
Seamless Integration with CVAT Annotation Software
Multiple Dataset Formats: CSV, Image Folder, & COCO
GUI Dataset Inference Visualization
GUI Form (Autogenerated) for Custom Inference
TensorFlow (TF) 2.0 Support (All TF 2.0 Layers Available)
CPU Training
Export as TF 2.0 Model Files
Data Preprocessing & Augmentation
Support for Multiple Built-in Loss Functions
Support for Multiple Built-in Optimizers
Automatic Training Log Comparison
Cuda 10.1 with Latest GPU Support
Multi-GPU Parallel Training
AutoML - Rule based Model Designer
Human Readable Model Source Code
Download model with Inference code
Download model with Deployment Code
Single Click Model to API Deployment
Robust Cross Validation Model with Single Click
Pre-tested Coding Environments - PyTorch, Keras etc.
Manage Multiple-Deployed Models
Completely offline and works behind firewalls
User Management
Server mode
Remote Deployment
Dedicated Support
Number of Machine Software is Installable Multiple 2 Varies 1 Multiple