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Introducing Support for Rate Confirmation Documents

Deep Cognition has now added support for rate confirmation documents in PaperEntry. Integrating rate confirmation into TMS or ERP systems has never been easier. PaperEntry can quickly and accurately extract data directly from documents in emails. We offer many types of export options, including JSON, XML, or CSV. We offer flexible export solutions so companies are provided with the exact data structure they need.

What is PaperEntry?

PaperEntry, developed by Deep Cognition in 2020,  is the leading automation solution for reducing time and resources when processing commercial invoices, BOLs, arrival notices, rate confirmation, delivery orders, and packing lists. Our software is 99.9% accurate and learns as it goes, keeping our system as accurate as possible. We reduce cost by up to 90% and reduce and prevent data backlog.

The Process of PaperEntry

Our AI has a multi-step extraction process: ingestion, where documents are uploaded, extraction, where the AI quickly and efficiently extracts data, validation, where data is checked and corrected if necessary, and integration, where data is sent directly into your TMS or ERP.

1. Ingestion

PaperEntry server through email or by being directly uploaded. Integration into the Deep Cognition email listener is smooth and effortless.

2. Extraction

The rate confirmation document goes through a labeling software that identifies and kairs key phrases with corresponding values. PaperEntry is also capable of extracting data directly from embedded tables within the document. PaperEntry is not dependent on templates, giving you flexibility in extracting from any format of document.

3. Validation

The data extracted is run through our validator system, which checks for any errors. In the event there is an error, our dashboard makes it easy to fix. Once adjusted, our system will retrain itself to avoid the error in the future.

4. Integration

The data from the rate confirmation is sent directly into TMS or ERP systems in whichever structure benefits the company most.

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