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Humanity has come a long way in our technological advances. From the navigational compass that guided prominent explorers, to the use of steel that fueled the industrial revolution and brought us where we are now.  Even transitioning from the first calculating computer to the machine learning intelligence we have access today; Artificial Intelligence (AI). Both examples have a significant impact in the world of technology.  

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is machine learning intelligence, rather than human intelligence which is a combination of emotion and consciousness. AI’s role in our modern day society is to perform tasks which would normally require human intelligence and resources. The difference between humanity and machines is the speed, accuracy and precision, in all, the effectiveness of how certain tasks are performed. 

In a society that craves instant gratification, from ordering and receiving food to the front of their doorstep, to the obtaining of knowledge in any and all subjects through an instant search engine, we know that humans expectations are to receive results instantly. Artificial intelligence paves the way for momentum and technological advances.

Artificial intelligence can compute math equations faster than humans, it can do your taxes at an accelerated rate, it can provide accurate medical diagnostics at a lesser cost. Artificial intelligence is springing us into the future and changing the future of business. 

Businesses that work with AI aren’t just trying a ‘new trend.’ They’re trying to keep up with the fast-paced world that surrounds them. Whether you’re building the next-generation vehicle empire or doing something as simple as data entry, artificial intelligence is the most crucial invention one should have in their front pocket.

If making large investments in AI powered machinery seems too large of an investment now consider starting with a less expensive option such as data entry.  AI works with data, AI is data and businesses are consistently trying to digest and organize it. Think about how much it costs and time spent on having your employees enter invoices, receipts, etc. into your internal databases. Data entry takes numerous dedicated resources and definitely puts a dent in one’s budget, but if you had such a thing like AI in your back office, think about the money a business could save and become a much more accurate and effective department. 

PaperEntry AI was built by Deep Cognition, Inc. for automating data entry. It’s 99.9% accurate and can reduce your cost by up to 90% or more. By utilizing artificial intelligence your business will surpass your competitors and be ahead in technology advancements. 

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