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In 2020, Deep Cognition introduced PaperEntry AI, the solution for automated data entry tasks. How exactly does PaperEntry work and what can it do for your business? Our service can save you time, save you money, and reduce data backlog.

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PaperEntry AI utilizes four levels, the server/dashboard where data is initially extracted, the human validator where data is checked and mistakes are corrected. There is a labeller, which allows our AI to identify different parts of the document, and our AI trainer, which is constantly improving our AI.

PaperEntry is essentially a template-free automated data extraction software solution.  However, there is much more to it than that. For starters, our software works the same way the human eye does: by identifying.

The dashboard of PaperEntry. On the right, you can see key value pairs. On the left, you can easily switch between documents to work on multiple projects at one time.

Our AI starts by identifying key values, tables, and lines. In order to make the process as streamlined as possible, PaperEntry AI includes our personally developed labeler. Many other data extraction software simply pulls the information, our AI classifies different information types. This way, it is able to distinguish between invoice numbers and dates, for example. Invoice numbers can be written a multitude of different ways, but our software is able to recognize and identify different key values. This way, the AI pairs up the title of the information and inputted value. For example, it equates ‘date’ with ‘01/01/01.’ 

The document labeler goes through and labels all pieces of the document. It then identifies which pieces are which.

Each document has different levels of information that needs to be extracted. First, it identifies key value pairs, as mentioned above. Our AI is also able to extract information embedded in tables, such as product codes. Once everything is extracted, the AI transforms the extracted data into a consistent format line-item table your ERP or TMS system can understand. 

By extracting data using advanced deep learning AI, our system is not dependent on templates to read different document formats. Our system is able to extract data from any document format. In addition, customers can configure which information is extracted from their documents, allowing us to assist companies in many different industries.

The human validation screen. Here, text can be edited and the boxes of text extraction can be moved.

After extracting data, the data is reviewed for accuracy. Our service includes a team of trained validators to check to make sure all data is accurate. If not, our validators correct the AI and teach it to avoid that mistake in the future

Our AI inputs the data directly into ERP or TMS systems, making data entry a one-step process. Our AI works quickly, giving customers access to their data as soon as it is finished integrating into the data management system. Data can be deployed either on-premises or through the cloud. On-Prem deployment allows for added security so your important data never has to leave your office. Our security is trusted by the IRS, Utilize, and Arm.

PaperEntry is easy to use and easy to set up. Our system is 99.9% accurate, reduces cost by 90%, and reduces data backlog. PaperEntry has no startup fee and utilizes value based pricing. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a personalized demo at to get started today. 

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