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Deep Cognition welcomes new client to the world of data entry automation for logistics and supply chain

Deep Cognition is pleased to announce, in partnership with Utilize, the addition of Super Cargo to our growing logistics and supply chain client portfolio.

08 March 2020, Texas & Greece – Deep Cognition, a leading provider of AI-powered business solutions and services, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in partnership with Utilize, announced their new client, Super Cargo today.

Super Cargo has been a valuable partner in the transportation of vehicles and freight in the Mediterranean and Western and Northern Europe for over two decades, a provider of high quality tourist services to professionals and individuals, and follows a customer-centric fundamental rule to optimally fulfill their customers’ needs. Super Cargo has expertise servicing: bookings for ferries and ships, customs formalities, special passes, and escort vehicles. With their growth over the last few years there was a need for a custom solution to streamline and automate their manual data entry.

Whilst maintaining ahead of the curve and following their mantra, they have signed with Deep Cognition to assist in their digital transformation through PaperEntry AI. The main scope of the project is to intersect the services they buy with the price they sell. Having been presented with the solution to their 40,000 invoices per year manual data entry needs through Utilize. 

The partnership between Deep Cognition and Utilize, has helped Deep Cognition grow global presence and Utilize deliver impactful solutions, as stated by Utilize CEO, Dimitris Bleris:

“Our vision is to deliver b2b high-end solutions that positively impact the companies’ procedures. Paperentry.AI suits our portfolio products, and  Deep Cognition brings critical expertise and knowledge on Artificial Intelligence Domain.”

Deep Cognition strives to continuously improve and grow our portfolio of clients, as more interest in data entry automation increases. PaperEntry AI assists the issue of paper-based, semi-manual, or fully manual data entry with a more accurate and resource saving solution. To read more about PaperEntry, click here.

To learn more about Deep Cognition, visit and follow us on LinkedIn. Look for updates on our news and media page, here.

About Deep Cognition

Deep Cognition was founded in Dallas,Texas in 2017 with the goal to provide developers, engineers, and researchers with an easy to use AI development and deployment platform. Since the release of PaperEntry and custom business solutions in 2019, the company has seen exponential growth users, partners, and clients. Deep Cognition continually strives to become the platform of choice for all businesses, developers, and users for on Edge AI technology. 

About Super Cargo

Super Cargo was founded in 1996 in Patras with the objective of booking lorries on ships. The company mission focuses on speed, flexibility, consistency, and efficiency as the four main pillars of their operations. They have established themselves within the transportation and logistics industry, as well as the travel and tourism industry.

About Utilize

Utilize was founded in 2016 to provide Information Technology & Services to the private and public sectors. The company’s goal is to provide reliable software based on cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. The company also offers project management services.Their team is composed of market executives with decades of experience in information technology and project management.

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