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Customs Brokerage

Automate your customs brokerage data entry 

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Customs Brokerage firms deals with massive amounts of data including rules and regulations of different countries and states every day. Dealing with such data daily can be time consuming and highly error-prone.

Customs Brokerage deals with some of the following documents

Commercial Invoice

Packing List

The following are some of the essential duties of customs brokerage processing:


  • Completing, auditing, and entering data from critical documents
  • Data entry of shipment information into the client database
  • Management of daily tracing reports
  • Assuring compliance with applicable customs regulations
  • Recognizing tariff and tax declarations

Challenges faced by manual customs entry process:

Corrupt behavior restricts trade and development

Additional labor costs

Time consuming

High security risks

Highly-error prone

Hiring temporary workers during seasonal variations

Customs clearance and international shipment processing are critical business functions. Nevertheless, handling these tasks entirely in-house isn’t always the most effective strategy due to the complexity of customs paperwork, diverse client needs, quickly shifting regulations, tariffs, and other difficulties.Here is where PaperEntry comes into play. Deep Cognition’s data entry automation solution, PaperEntry will help automate your data faster, cheaper, and more accurately.

PaperEntry Process Flow

PaperEntry vs Other AI Software Solutions

Watch Below Videos to Know More About How PaperEntry Customs will Help Automate Your Customs Entry Process

Deep Cognition PaperEntry Demo Overview

Demo | PaperEntry achieves 99.9% data capture accuracy


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