Take your data entry
to the next level with PaperEntry.AI.

Deep Cognition’s OCR Software is built to increase accuracy and efficiency while simultaneously reducing cost. Our OCR software is significantly more accurate due to its advanced AI-powered algorithms.

Automated Data Entry has never been easier.

4 Reasons to Automate Data Entry With PaperEntry.AI

PaperEntry.AI is the most sophisticated automated data extraction software on the market. Our user-friendly interface, custom developed labeler, validation software, and integration options keep our program the best.


This is where data extraction begins. Our interface is clean and intuitive, giving users more time to extract data and less time navigating a confusing computer program. Multiple documents can be worked on at one time. 

Most companies prefer our API and JSON extraction option. We also have the ability to export in XML or your company’s preferred export option. Our Email Listener can also extract data directly from emails.

PaperEntry.AI Interface
PaperEntry.AI Labeler

Custom Labeler

Our custom developed labeler enables our AI to identify all elements in a document. It combines these elements into key value pairs, matching titles with corresponding data. Our AI is also capable of extracting data embedded in tables. Data is pulled and run through multiple tables to be entered directly into TMS or ERP systems. 

Validation Software

Data is reviewed for accuracy. If there are any discrepancies in the data can easily be corrected by re-entering data manually or adjusting the OCR frame. Validation can be completed by a team at Deep Cognition or by your in-house team.

If a discrepancy is located, our AI Trainer retrains the AI to avoid the error in the future, constantly improving our system for even more accurate data extraction.


Validation Software


PaperEntry.AI inputs your extracted data directly into your TMS or ERP system giving you and your team access whenever you need it.

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