Streamline your data entry process with PaperEntry.AI

PaperEntry technology is designed to work with different types of documents. The documents can be extracted from email, Shared Folders, and can be integrated via APIs. PaperEntry’s core technology is based on Artificial Intelligence. The technology enables relevant data extraction from documents. The extracted document can be analyzed via a Validator, and the validated data can then be routed to a client or a post processing engine for further digital transformation. Finally, the extracted, validated, transformed (optional) data can be integrated into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or TMS (Transport Management System) or AP (Accounts Payable) systems. The diagram below illustrates the overall flow.

Automated Data Entry Has
Never Been Easier

99.9% Accurate

90% Cost Reduction

Quick Integration

No Templates

On Prem or Cloud Deployment

Line and Table Extraction

PaperEntry Data Flow

PaperEntry’s user-friendly interface, custom developed labeler, validation software, and integration allows the data extraction from any type of document. Please refer to the steps below on the overall data flow within PaperEntry.AI

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” Our vision is to deliver b2b high-end solutions that positively impact the companies’ procedures. Paperentry.AI suits our portfolio products, and Deep Cognition brings critical expertise and knowledge on Artificial Intelligence Domain. “

Dimitris Bleris