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SuperCargo Case Study

Company Overview

SuperCargo founded in Patras 1996, has been at the forefront of cargo handling in the Adriatic region for more than two decades. Today, it provides complete transportation and handling solutions for vehicles and cargo across the Mediterranean and sea routes to Western and Northern Europe. They offer a range of services: booking ferries and ships, customs formalities, special passes, and escort vehicles.

The main project requirements of SuperCargo were:

  1. Implementation time – not over three months
  2. Overall solution independent of the type of the invoices
  3. Accuracy of the extracted data


The main problem of SuperCargo was the inability to integrate electronically with its suppliers, as this was not technologically feasible due to the fragmentation of the companies’ information systems.

SuperCargo receives more than 4,000 fare invoices (purchases) every month. 40% of the data obtained by SuperCargo has been entered automatically through interfaces and document management solutions.

The traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is not generally applicable when communicating and exchanging information between information systems. Especially when the trading companies are from different countries and the communication standards are not stable.


PaperEntry is an artificial intelligence software, and its innovation lies in its ability to gather information from any documents without relying on predefined document structure rules.

With the implementation of PaperEntry, SuperCargo automatically processes all of the invoices it receives, resetting the manual entry of information and controlling the total of the fares issued by its partners/suppliers.


SuperCargo and Utilize implemented an API to receive the documents and send the results. Utilize trained the PaperEntry to understand and extract the data from the invoices. The data identified and sent to the Super Cargo information system includes, among others,

  • Port of departure and arrival
  • Date of departure and arrival
  • The license plate of the vehicle and driver
  • Name and surname of the driver
  • Fare cost
  • Invoice number
  • Date of issue
  • Issuer and other information interested in SuperCargo

The identification, extraction, and exchange of the data are fully automated, and human intervention is needed only for machine training when receiving new documents and for details that must be identified/clarified.


From June 2021 until the end of February 2022, the results are:

PaperEntry can automatically recognize information from documents and enter it into the company’s information system, completely replacing the need for manual registration. The adoption of the solution to the total volume of incoming documents has helped SuperCargo maximize the procedures’ efficiency. In addition, the accuracy of the extracted information helped SuperCargo apply control rules that improved commercial practices and policies.


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